Mr.Abhinaw Singh Rajput


“UNIVERSAL INFOTECH SOLUTIONS” is an International and Domestic call center looking for partners who are interested in expanding their profits by outsourcing a portion of their call center operations to us both for in-bound and out-bound purpose. We are the pioneer BPO in Kolkata over the last 10 years (Operation started in March 2012) wherein we have developed experience in the following cross industry offering services for the Telecom, Insurance, Banking, Financial, Travel, Hospitality, Real-estate, Automotive, Home appliances. We have become the strategic choice of serving Fortune 500 and mid market companies located across UK, USA and Australia and India too. In our pursuit of performance & improvement in client services, we have developed and implemented newer and innovative quality check measures that have powered the rapid growth and development of “UNIVERSAL INFOTECH SOLUTIONS”.

UNIVERSAL INFOTECH SOLUTIONS mission is to provide high-end call center customer services through our Contact Center. Our Inbound and Outbound Call Center in India are in a unique position to provide our clients with the best e-CRM call center services round the globe by utilizing one to one experience across every point of the customer relationship lifecycle. Our Call Centers seek ways to improve inbound service quality while reducing costs for our clients through disciplined management techniques such as regular monitoring and measurement of agent’s performance. In-depth employee training on specific clients programs as well as on industry standard practices along with continuous technological improvement is one of our prime objectives as outbound call center.

UNIVERSAL INFOTECH SOLUTIONS has a wide experience in outbound and inbound processes. Our Indian Call Center has handled various product campaigns in the area of customer products and services. UNIVERSAL INFOTECH SOLUTIONS, the call center at Kolkata, has extensive experience in handling multiple campaigns simultaneously. UNIVERSAL INFOTECH SOLUTIONS is that customer service call center that aims to become your strategic partner by improvising our call center inbound services to support our global service commitments. Our technical platform or the customer service call center has been designed and supported by HCL, a leader in development of Customer Relationship Application. Our close relationship with the leader makes UNIVERSAL INFOTECH SOLUTIONS an efficient outbound and inbound call center and a business partner that can help you to know and manage your customers in the most efficient, productive and friendly way.

UNIVERSAL INFOTECH SOLUTIONS is an established and reputed India Call Center company. In business since 2012, we have built vast experience of customer service and interaction processes across various verticals. The business philosophy of the company is to put its employees and customers first.UNIVERSAL INFOTECH SOLUTIONS is a privately held company set up with the singular objective of providing high quality customer servic and customer interaction outsourcing services to leading brands in India and overseas.You can trust UNIVERSAL INFOTECH SOLUTIONS like many other loyal customers who have been using Kankei services for several years. We are happy to provide references.